Audrey J Williams is a "techy-feely" voiceover artist! She finds the extraordinary in the ordinary and would love to tell YOUR story.

Audiobook Narration

I enjoy long-form narration…and really lean into non-fiction. Maybe that comes from my teaching days. I love to narrate work that will help someone through a tough time, learn something about themselves or the world around them or just find themselves really interested in a topic.

I am an experienced narrator who works with publishers and independent authors. My years in the classroom and training room and time spend on the stage, radio and television help me find both the story and the meaning in the text to help connect the listener with the author’s words.

Non-Fiction Audiobook Samples

Popular History

An informal but informational tone for this non-fiction popular history using a more…fluid way to organize the time periods.

Business – Leadership

1st person narration with detached understanding as well as empathy. Do you think about how you can be a better ally in your workplace and as a leader?


1st person narration with emotion and matter of fact tones for a work that combines memoir with medical and integrative health practices.

Business – Finance

Serious and comforting as we are learning how to have a new relationship with money and understand our personal financial life.


Non-fiction scholarly religion encyclopedia that provides information for both students and interested readers. A formal and clear tone.

Audiobooks Narrated by Audrey

More Than Money

More Than Money: Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning is a collection of surprising and inspiring true stories that reveal how real clients applied…

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Perfectly Flawed

Written by Barrett Rose Baum. Perfectly Flawed features short chapters documenting Barrett Rose’s journey. Barrett Rose takes the listener through her attempts at…

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