Audrey J Williams is a "techy-feely" voiceover artist! She finds the extraordinary in the ordinary and would love to tell YOUR story.

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Testimonials From my Clients

Nobody wants feedback in their headphones or speakers but I do love feedback from my clients – both to know what I am doing well and how I can continue to improve on my craft.

I love to work with my clients to ensure their vision for their project is met successfully and on time.

Mary Ellen Spencer
    Mary Ellen Spencer

    Dean of Libraries, Pellissippi State Community College

    Audrey provided voiceover services for a suite of videos made at the college. They are absolutely professional, and I’ve been delighted with her choice of words to emphasize, her inflection, and the pace at which she speaks so clearly. The turnaround time was short for work of this high quality. She gets my highest recommendation.

    Mary Nunaly
      Mary Nunaly

      Co-Founder and LXD

      I had the pleasure of working with Audrey and I must say, her professionalism and talent truly impressed me. Audrey’s quick turnaround time was remarkable, ensuring that our project stayed on schedule without compromising quality. Her voice acting skills are exceptional, as she effortlessly brings eLearning to life with her expressive range and captivating delivery. Audrey’s expertise shines through in every performance, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. I highly recommend Audrey from AJ Wms Voices for any voice acting project.

      Emily Wolfe
        Emily Wolfe

        VP of Growth Marketing, Lively

        Audrey, we love your voice! Your work added the warm, intelligent and approachable sound we wanted for our video project. Thanks for being so easy to direct and work with on this project!

        Karen Sorensen
          Karen Sorensen

          Instructional Designer

          Audrey is GREAT! Working with Audrey really brought our E-learning projects up to a whole new level of quality and professionalism. She’s done some fairly scientific microbiology recordings for us and did them accurately with appropriate inflection and enthusiasm. We couldn’t be more pleased with her work and look forward to having her be our VO Artist on many more projects!

          Lyndsie Erickson
            Lyndsie Erickson

            E-Learning Instructional Designer

            Hi Audrey! This turned out fantastic! Thank you so much! I love how you put emphasis on it! It’ll sound great in the eLearning

            Dr. Ekateryna O’Meara
              Dr. Ekateryna O’Meara

              Assistant Professor of English

              Audrey is a pleasure to know and work with because she possesses the extraordinary combination of professionalism, warmth, and a fantastic sense of humor. Her humor comes through beautifully in her delivery, given even dry information the life and sparkle it needs to be well received by learners. Her warm voice and her crisp, clear delivery take all the intimidation out of complex subjects, and allow students to enjoy the learning experience and fully engage with the material.

              Paul G
                Paul G

                Made to Order Audio

                Audrey is the best, I’ve worked with her several times and her work is always great. Highly recommended!

                Meet Audrey!

                Growing up with an engineer for a father and a therapist for a mother, you could say that I got the best of both worlds.

                And, that is why I say I’m a techy-feely kind of person!

                After over 30 years in education, I decided to take my interest in audio to another level and I’m ready to mirror that techy side of me with the feely side of communication using my voice.

                I remember playing with my father’s oscilloscope in the garage and trying to make the sine waves change by tapping on things. I became fascinated with what these instruments could tell me. During and after my college years, I was a radio disc jockey back when we actually played vinyl records and used potentiometers to adjust the volume so that scope time came in handy.

                Before becoming a voiceover artist, the bulk of my career had been in higher education. I came into instructional technology as it was becoming digital and it was exciting to being able to work with digital audio and video from the beginning…it was my new oscilloscope!

                I like the fact that I can introduce both technical and emotion-led communication into whatever I do. I guess that’s why it took me to a career in science education.

                I rely on my background in education, primarily focused on science and technology in both formal and informal settings, to bring more technically oriented voiceover projects to life in a natural and relatable way.

                I have written and produced science museum exhibits and demonstrations, created short television spots teaching science, trained college faculty on creating online classes, led an educational and multimedia technology department, and been the Vice-President of Information Services/Chief Information Officer for the largest community college in Tennessee.

                My training started through Such A Voice with Glad Klassen as my coach and Tara Rao as my demo producer. In addition to on-going work with SAV, I continue my training and education with a wide variety of voice professionals such as sessions with Sara Sherman and Elley-Ray Hennessey, audiobook workshops with Sean Pratt and Scott Brick and an audiobook masterclass with Marc Cashman and Dan Musselman, and e-Learning training with Carrie Olsen. I have completed an Intensive Mini-Course in Medical Narration with Debbie Irwin and will continue work in that specialization in 2024.

                I have a home studio and, thanks to my experience in creating multimedia productions for courses and performance spaces, I produce and edit my own recordings. And, if you are interested, I have a Touch Portal app I created to make my booth recording with Twisted Wave more efficient.

                Please reach out and let me know more about your project or voiceover needs.You can find me on LinkedIn, Mastodon, and BlueSky.

                Audiobooks Narrated by Audrey

                RV Life 101: The 8 Secrets for RV Off-Grid Living Full-time or Part-time in an RV, Motorhome

                You’re in the right place if you dream of escaping the stress of living in modern society and embracing a simpler, more peaceful and private life on the road while reconnecting with nature. We’re here to help guide you to get all of your off-grid RV living supplies and systems in place, from finding your future home to setting up your energy, water and waste systems. All that will be left for you is to enjoy the freedom and benefits of off-grid…

                Herbal Medicine for Beginners: Cultivate Healing with 50+ Plants for Everyday Health Concerns

                “The Modern Herbal Guide” is an essential tome for anyone eager to explore the convergence of ancient knowledge and contemporary holistic practices. Whether you are taking your first step into herbalism or seeking to expand your existing herbal repertoire, this book offers a comprehensive, accessible, and sustainable approach to plant-based healing. See the book on Audible

                RV Life 101: The 10 Fundamental Principles for Retirement Living Full-Time or Part-Time in an RV, Motorhome, or Camper

                Let us show you how to amp up the fun and excitement of retirement…by living in an RV. Traveling in an RV allows you to go to places without having to worry about your basic necessities. You have your own comfort, privacy, and kitchen with you the whole time. With the right knowledge and enough preparation, you can turn your golden years into a golden age full of adventure! See book on Audible

                RV Life 101: The 7 Keys Every Beginner Needs to Know for Living, Working, and Traveling with Family and Pets in an RV, Motorhome, or Camper

                RVing takes a lot of planning and decision making, especially if you bring kids and pets on the road. The logistics of it can be overwhelming, and mistakes can be very expensive. Unless, of course, you’ve got the right resource to guide you. And this audiobook is here to be exactly that—it’s packed with all the answers you’re looking for, even for the questions you didn’t even think to ask! See book on Audible

                Retirement Planning Handbook

                Discover how you can plan for a comfortable retirement and live your best in your golden years–no matter how old you are today! Are you looking forward to retirement but are concerned you might not be ready for it when the time comes? Do you worry that your retirement savings won’t be enough and that you’ll have to go back to work again after retiring? Do you want to enjoy a worry-free retirement in the future, thanks to all the preparation…

                More Than Money

                More Than Money: Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning is a collection of surprising and inspiring true stories that reveal how real clients applied financial planning to derive tangible results that changed their lives. Get the book on Audible

                It’s Time for a PAUSE

                How to Fight Back Against Menopause, Naturally Reduce Symptoms, and Feel like Yourself Again Get the book on Audible





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