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Growing up with an engineer for a father and a therapist for a mother you could say that I got the best of both worlds. I say I’m a techy-feely kind of person.

I like the fact that I can introduce both technical and emotion-led communication into whatever I do. I guess that’s why it took me to a career in education in science education.

I remember playing with my father’s oscilloscope in the garage and trying to make the sine waves change by tapping on things and being fascinated with what these instruments could tell me. I was a radio disc jockey back when we actually played vinyl records and used potentiometers to adjust the volume so that scope time came in handy.

Over the years, I have written and produced science museum exhibits and demonstrations, created short television spots teaching science, trained college faculty on creating online classes, led an educational and multimedia technology department, and been the chief information officer for the largest community college in Tennessee.

The bulk of my career has been in higher education. I came into instructional technology as it was becoming digital and it has been so exciting to being able to work with digital audio and video from the beginning…it was my new oscilloscope!

After over 30 years in education I decided to take my interest in audio to another level and I’m ready to mirror that techy side of me with the feely side of communication using my voice.

My training was through Such A Voice with Glad Klassen as my coach and Tara Rao as my producer. I have also had voice acting workshops with Sara Sherman.

After years of experience in stage acting, radio broadcast and improv comedy, I decided to get professionally trained in voiceover.

I rely on my background in education, primarily focused on science and technology in both formal and informal settings, to bring the more technically oriented voiceover projects to life in a natural and relatable way.

I have a professional home studio and, thanks to my experience in creating multimedia productions for courses and supporting performance spaces, I can produce and edit my own recordings.

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